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What Doctors Want You to Know About Bladder Cancer

Dr. James Fagelson shared with Healthgrades what doctors would like patients to know about bladder cancer. He explains the multiple ways to diagnose bladder cancer and treatment for high-grade bladder cancer.

PSA Levels Testing Controversy Resurfaces

Dr. James Fagelson discusses the increase in incurable prostate cancer and correlates the uptick to the recommendation made in 2008 by the United States Preventive Services Task Force advising a cut back on prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening.

PSA Tests Save Lives, Don't They?

Urology Associates patient Gary Perkins had a history of rising PSA levels, which led his doctor to encourage further testing. After a prostate biopsy confirmed cancer, he underwent UA's targeted radiation therapy treatment and is now cancer-free.
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Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

First in Colorado to offer a new, natural treatment option for enlarged prostate, Dr. Cowan and Urology Associates were recently featured on BPH
Talking About Men's Health

The Low Down on Herbal Viagra

The Low Down on Herbal Viagra Dr. David Sobel, a Urology Associates’ physician with over 10 years of expertise in erectile dysfunction and sexual medicine, was featured on Talking About Men’s Health, a national men’s health blog. In the article … Continued

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New Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Urology Associates introduces a 10-minute treatment for enlarged prostate (BPH) that utilizes energy in water to shrink the gland that troubles half of men over age 60
Dr. Nina Casanova| Urology Associates | Denver

Urology Associates Welcomes Nina Casanova, MD, to Practice

Nina Casanova, M.D., joins Urology Associates, a Denver-based general and surgical urology practice, as the newest member of its eight-physician practice. She specializes in urological needs of women & children.

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Dr. Edward Eigner PSA video

Metastatic Prostate Cancer on the Rise

Dr. Edward Eigner from Urology Associates of Denver shares an update on prostate cancer screenings following a published study on rising prostate cancer.
Surprised man

Vasectomy Myths Debunked

One of the most common urologic procedures is a vasectomy, yet still only 9 percent of sexually active men get vasectomies because of common myths. Dr. Brad Bell debunks those myths here.
Man with ED Considering Herbal Viagra for ED

Herbal Viagra Supplements: Safe or Shady?

Lamar Odom’s case shows taking erectile dysfunction (ED) supplements like sildenafil to aid in erections can do more harm than good, says Dr. David L. Sobel.
Doctor In Surgery With Male Patient Reading Notes

It’s Your Health, Get it Right

Getting a second opinion for a patient could be life saving. It’s your right and often a very smart thing to do. Rule of thumb: if you have doubts about what you are told or if you just feel uncertain, get the second opinion.
PSA test | Denver Urology Associates

Do I Really Need a PSA Test?

The Prostate specific antigen (PSA) has been one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the men’s health and while not perfect, it's an important indicator for prostate cancer & BPH. And If you’re a man who expects to live past 50, expect to hear a lot about prostate cancer detection, treatment and the PSA.