Patient Stories


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Become a Cancer Survivor

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer, Elaine had faith in herself, Dr. Fagelson and God to help her reach the finish line. Today she races on as a cancer survivor and uses her story as motivation for others.

prostate cancer success story

Hardly Par for the Course Prostate Cancer Treatment

James, a retirement financial planner, was diligent about going to his primary doctor for annual PSA screenings. When one of those tests came back elevated, he visited Dr. Bell at Denver’s Urology Associates.

Truck on the road

Two Down but Testicular Cancer Free

Pete Bowes found compassion and unwavering dedication with the team at Urology Associates when he found himself in a high-risk situation over the Christmas holiday.

Golfer over great nature

Kidney Gone and Cancer Free

With a kidney cancer diagnosis and removal of one kidney as treatment, Don got swift and compassionate urologic care from Urology Associates’ Dr. Fagelson and plans on continuing his golf game in retirement.