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Urology Associates was founded more than 30 years ago to offer exceptional and innovative urologic care to the Denver metro area and our home state of Colorado. As we’ve grown, we have taken great care to find physicians who are equally committed to the art of medicine and the best in patient care. We offer […]

Urethral Stricture

Smiling happy older asian father with short beard touching daughter's hand on shoulder after urethral stricture treatment | Urology Associates | Denver, CO

Urethral stricture causes narrowing of the urethra, the tube that transport urine out of the body, due to scarring or swelling. Men are more likely to be affected by urethral stricture than women. Procedures like dilation, urethrotomy and urethroplasty can cure urethral stricture.

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Prostate Biopsy

Prostate biopsy | Urology Associates | lab technician examining a prostate biopsy sample under a microscope

A prostate biopsy is the only way to definitely diagnose if a man has prostate cancer. A prostate biopsy collects tissue samples from the prostate gland, the samples are then examined under a microscope in a lab.

The Guys Guide to Male Incontinence

male incontinence | Urology Associates | Denver Metro | Men fishing

Around 25 percent of men are affected by male incontinence. Understanding the problem and taking steps to relieve it can help men overcome this bothersome obstacle that often carries emotional worries as well.