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Research at Urology Associates

Clinical research is the very carefully and scientifically controlled study of the effects of medical treatments or therapies on patients who agree to participate. This type of research strives to find solutions to some of medicine’s most complex conditions, diseases and disorders. It is through clinical research trials that we discover whether a new treatment or therapy is safe and effective. For many patients, this type of research provides hope for an improved quality of life.

Performance of ethically sound, safe and effective clinical research at Urology Associates is a high priority. Our clinicians, along with various collaborators, are conducting investigational studies of treatments for genital and urinary (genitourinary) conditions with the goal of improving diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of urologic disease.

The research department at Urology Associates supports studies analyzing the effects of drug therapies, treatment and lifestyle changes, as well as active surveillance. Our clinical research group manages detailed medical procedural plans (called protocols) for both lifestyle changes and observational clinical trials, with funding mainly provided by industry sponsors.

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For more information about current clinical trials or the clinical trial process at Urology Associates, contact our clinical research manager, Michelle Magana at 303-733-8848 ext. 1380 or mmagana@uradenver.com.